Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay - Day 188 - Calgary, Alberta

On February 27, 2012 I had the honour of being selected as a Difference Maker and be a medal-bearer for The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay.

The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay:
Beginning on August 24, 2011 in Cape Spear, Newfoundland and Labrador - the easternmost point in North America and approximately 15 kilometres south-east of St. John's - the 25th Anniversary Relay will retrace the Canadian segment of the original Tour, but this time one man in motion will be represented and celebrated by many in motion; engaging 7,000 participants from across Canada who have made their own difference in the lives of others.

Focusing on engaging Canadians to take up the challenge and become catalysts for positive change, the Relay will feature Medal-Bearers who will run, walk, wheel or bike and complete their segments through a variety of forms of movement for all abilities.

The Rick Hansen Medal:
In every province, Relay Medal-Bearers will pass along the singular Rick Hansen Medal - produced by the Royal Canadian Mint - as the Relay makes its way across the country. While Rick will be present at a number of cities and stops along the 25th Anniversary Relay, it will be these 7,000 Medal-Bearers who will complete this cross-Canada tour.

Further details on the relay can be found here.

Due to my involvement in interfaith activity in Calgary, I was selected in the following categories:

Championing Inclusivity: Creating a more inclusive and accessible society.
Empowering Youth: Engaging a new generation to become catalysts for positive change.

I was medal-bearer #064 for the day. My route was along Centre St. N as the relay continued from Calgary to Airdrie:

Receiving medal from medal-bearer #063

With my escort Josh

Enroute with the relay team

Handover to meadal-bearer #065