Thursday, October 30, 2008

Founders of Religion as Role Model to Society

Founders of Religion as Role Model to Society

Religious scholars from major religions of the world, representatives of the city and the province, and members of various communities are expected to attend this Conference. Participants will have an opportunity to ask the questions during and after the conference.

Organized by: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Calgary

Date: Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Time: 5:30 - 9:00 pm
Venue: Baitun Nur Mosque (4353, 54 Ave. NE Calgary, Alberta)

Special Guests:
Mayor Dave Bronconnier - City of Calgary
Mayor Robert Tarleck - City of Lethbridge

Speaker's Profile:

Hindu Perspective: Usha Sharma
Jewish Perspective: Rabbi Howard Voss-Altman
Christian Perspective: Bishop Frederick Henry
Muslim Perspective: Naseem Mahdi
Sikh Perspective:Harnarayan Singh

Admission is free however registration required:
Phones: 403.605.2121, 403.889.5444

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fire & Grace

On October 22, 2008 my wife Nimira and I were invited to host a service for the Fire & Grace Contemplative Group at the beautiful Hillhurst United Church (Est. 1907) in Calgary. 

The group is facilitated by Betsy Young (right), Lay Minister, Wild Rose United Church; and Susan Cooper (third from left), Hillhurst United Church.

The objective of the evening was to provide an insight into diverse worship practice of the Muslim community. Detailed programme can be found here

The event was attended by 25+. The group discussion after the service was very thought-provoking. Nimira and I had a great time meeting these wonderful individuals. Canada – and the world - is a better place because of individuals like them. We are truly blessed.

Before the service began, we played a CD consisting of a variety of devotional songs from the diverse Muslim traditions:

Song: Al-Mu'allim
Singer: Sami Yusuf (
Language: Arabic & English

Song: Mere Mushkil Khusha Tera Didaar Chaahiye
Singer: Shabnam Merali
Language: Urdu

Song: Ya Mustafa
Singer: Sami Yusuf (
Language: Arabic & English

Song: Ya Ali Madad (A song in praise of Ali, the first Shi’i imam)
Language: Tajik

Song: Allahi Allah
Group: Niyaz (
Language: Urdu

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Upcoming InterFaith Network of Calgary Event - Issues Arising When Practising Your Faith in Twenty First Century Calgary

The first meeting of the IFNC for this year will be on Thursday, October 16th at the Beth Tzedec synagogue (1325 Glenmore Trail SW) at 7:30pm. 

The theme for this year is: Issues Arising  When Practising Your Faith in 21st Century Calgary
Rabbi Jordan Ofseyer will be the speaker.

We will have our usual small group discussons after he finishes, and weather permitting, have tea in the Sukka.

InterFaith Network of Calgary (IFNC) is an informal and grassroots group of Calgarians, belonging to several faith traditions, who have come together to promote goodwill and mutual understanding.

We believe that this objective is best achieved by interaction and dialogue among the followers of different faiths. This belief is based on our conviction that while the general tendency is to highlight the differences among different faiths, a deeper study would reveal that we have more in common than is generally believed. 

We hope that through these gatherings, we will encourage mutual respect and peace in our community. 

We meet once a month to discuss questions related to our personal spirituality and religious practice. The venues of the gatherings rotate among the places of worship.